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Best Blazers To Style This Winter


Let's face it, these pictures sum up quite nicely the weather we'll likely be experiencing for the next few weeks in Melbourne and why blazers become my go to styling pieces for these in-between months.

If you're anything like me, i always layer up with a blazer, a knit and maybe even a bodysuit too because that beautiful sunshine out the window can often be incredibly misleading. Cue my hair blowing wildly around and sticking to my lipstick, my kniwear doubling as a scarf for extra warmth and thanking myself for adding extra layers into my outfit that i can take on and off easily!

So which shapes, materials are perfect for this layering season and which styles will you be seeing more and more ?




      welcome to the jungle blazer

                         THE OVERSIZED BLAZER 

If you are feeling a little deja vu and that you're positive we've chatted oversized blazers recently on the blog, you would of course be very right. The ideal transitional style that's oversized enough to layer for those cooler days without feeling like your outfits is too bulky but also feels like the most fashion forward blazer style right now. My favourite oversized style to swoon over for the coming seasons and I for one will likely add another colourway into my closet this year. Oversized doesn't have to mean 80's shoulder pads and thicker materials any more.


        The oxford blazer dress   & The palermo blazer 

                       THE DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER 

When it comes to a blazer fit and style, although I love my oversized pieces and love wearing some of my more formal single breasted suits, I think should I have to choose my favourite it would be a double breasted front always. There's something i love about not only the versatility of a double breasted blazer ( just as formal as they are casual and just as trendy as they are classic somehow ) it's the detailing that often sways me too. Some of my most worn pieces have sumptuous button, strong shoulders, stand out darting and feel like the most luxurious of styles in my closet. And what's even better about having a preferred cut you know you love to wear? You can choose whatever trending colourways, materials and even patterns you'd most like to wear and know that you've gone with the cut that brings you th emost joy.


The girl crush blazer

                       THE CHECK BLAZER 

   I'd say a style of blazer that's more classic than trending is always the check blazer and that means whether you choose to look out for a high street versionor opt for a more luxury rice point, it's you'll feel amazing wearing a checkered piece season by season. Go bold with a trending colourway or thread or choose a classic option like Prince of Whales check or other monochrome styles and you'll find they both bring to life even the simplest of outfits. Nothing pops more than an all black look with a statement blazer and it's personally one of my favourite ways to create a look and even to jump start good mood. It makes me feel fierce, confident and empowered which seems bold to say because of just a blazer, but that's exactly how much i love the right blazer haha Plus if you find a beautiful classic check, that teams well with so many other pieces and it'll become your go to item that feels more like a straple than even your favourite blue jeans.


 The boss girl blazer

                                THE SPRING BLAZER

 What you may ask defines a spring blazer? Well for me, it's sumptuous pastel shades that scream spring weather and have me dreaming  of picnics in the park with friends sharing an Aperol Sprutx and a Pret vegan cookie. I mean we all have our 2021 dreams right? In one way or another pastel suiting is always featured on my blog this time of year and usally it's when we chat all things wedding guest outfits and oh look. In comes the pastel suit for its versatility, its longevity and its ability to be styled for so many occasions after the big day. They're everywhere and they're a gorgeous addition to any spring wardrobe. Pick  shade you already love to wear and that styles well with your other spring loves, think classic creams , subtle blues, pastel pinks and even on trend sage greens - the possibilities are yours!



The west village blazer


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