Dress to Impress on Your First Date

Dress to Impress on Your First Date

Dress To Impress . .
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You have butterflies in your Stomach. You haven't eaten all day .. I Don't know about you, but when I have a first date with a hot guy, all I think about is how to Impress him.


A first date means you'll want to be making fantastic impression. Deciding what to wear can be diddicult because you're not really sure what will show you to your best advantage and whether or not it'll also be comfortable, warm or cool enough, and something that simply works for you. 



Tip to Dress for Your First Date

Choosing clothes that make you feel at your best, confident, happy and comfortable is the first thing to keep in mind. If you feel confident you will radiate confidence and a double plus if you're also comfortable!

Don't Go Overboard


We have all had the thought of going and buying some new outfits in our attempt to dress to impress. While it may be okay to splurge on a new wardrobe a few dates in, going all out for the very firts may not be the wisets choice. This is not to say that you can go out in tattered clothing that makes you look homeless. However, spending your entire paycheck to buy that perfect outfit may be a little too premature for the first date. At the same time, you don't know what the date entails. You don't want to come home cursing yourself for buying an outfit that cost a bomb after a not so good experience, do you ?



Pick The Right Color

Believe it or not, the color of your outfit can help you in your quest of dress to impress. In fact, wearing the right color can make you more attractive, stimulating and a treat to your date's eyes. There are three top colors that various studies have shown to be perfect for your first date. Blue, because it signifies confidence, loyaltry and intelligence. Aren't those qualities you want in your date? Red, well, that's no brainer because in addition to communicating power, it trends to hide one's imperfections. Therefore, picking one of these colors should relieve your mind of at least some chaos!



Daytime Coffee Date 

A daytime date poses a litte bit more of a question mark than something like a dinner or drinks date might, but it should be approached as being that much simpler. This is about elevated basics. A cute pair of jeans, tank, and sneakers exudes just the right amount of effortless while also being ultra-flattering. If you run cold, make sure you bring a layer to throw on top, so you aren't worried about your temperature more than hitting it off with your date.



Casual Dinner Date

In our experience, a casual date's vibe can be more difficult to strike than one that veers more on the fancy side for one reason: the fear of feeling overdressed. 

To keep it as a simple as possible, opting for a casual dress is the easiest and best bet. You'll feel date-ready and like the event is a little special, but won't look like you tried too hard. The best part? It's a one-and-done look, so you pre-date stress will be kept to a minimum.



Post-Work Drinks Date 

A post-office drinks date is, in our humble opinion, one of the best types of dates you can have. It automatically feels like less pressure because you're already out and about, and if you're anything like us, have talked about every possible thing that could happen during the date with your coworkers all day.

Since you're coming straight from the office, arriving in a look that's office-appropriate is expected. We're partial to a tee, blazer, jeans, and a pair of sneakers to hit the nail on the head of  "working woman heads date" If you want to make it a little sexier, opt for a more form-fitting tank rather than a tee under your blazer.



Elevated Dinner Date 

The most classic of dates: a nice dinner  out. Rather than messing with figuring out a pants and top to wear, a dress is the best bet.

To make it a little more elevated, a midi-length dress is a great option for a nice restaurant. It's easy to make work for a wide variety of locations and finding one you're comfortable in is a great go-to to turn to whenever the nice-date jitterns turn up.


Picnic or Outdoor Date 

After 2020, the rise of the casual, outdoor date is here, and t's a whole new variety of date to have to navigate the outfit waters of. To combat the questions, we're taking the nap dress trend and running with it.

When you might be sitting cross-legged on the ground, you don't want a mess with jeans or a risk of feeling uncomfortable the entire time. A long, casual dress not only screams picnic, but will make sure you van sit and makeuver any way you like all night long.







  • Wear something you've already worn and know you're comfortable in
  • Break out your pieces you usally reserve for special occasions
  • Think about what makes you feel the most confident



  • Wear a brand-new piece that risks being uncomfortable, like needing to mess with a falling strap or digging-in waistline
  • Try to dress in a way where you won't feel like yourself 
  • Overthink it




Hugs & Kisses xx























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