Dress to Impress on Your First Date

You have butterflies in your Stomach. You haven't eaten all day .. I Don't know about you, but when I have a first date with a hot guy, all I think about is how to Impress him.

Here are four Styling tips to help you Impress your guy.


 Wearing Black makes you appear skinnier and also creates an elegant look. The first thing men notice is what you are wearing. Not shoes Or your purse, but whether you're wearing something too loose or too tight, something Sexy or over the top whether you're dressed too casually or too formal. So take a little and think about what you are wearing. Black is a Universal color and is a safe option whether you're going to the movies or to Opera.


Something that beautifully ties a simple outfit together is a Statement Necklace. It looks nice paired with a tank top, blazer and jeans, but it also pairs well with a little black dress. Whatever you choose just remember to keep it simple, one piece of jewellery is all you need!


Ah, Blazers !! I'm not talking about your mother's fussy blazers. Blazers today are sleek and sexy and they can add structure to your outfit. What's nice about blazers is that 

  • It can create a pop of color
  • Looks great with heels - pair a bold blazer with standout heels


Going on first dates is EXCITING. Keep your wardrobe simple and let your personality shine. Most men don't want to see a polished and "fake" looking woman, they'd rather see a woman they can take home to meet the family.

So now that you have some first date Style Tips in your arsenal. tell me, what is your ideal first date outfit? Do you always go casual or do you try to Impress ?!

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