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Loungwear ! You certainly have heard this expression. Perhaps it has never been so prominent as it is today , even for those unfamiliar with the term , probably make use of it daily. Especially now that we spend more time at home , the loungewear is one excellent new , so i bring some suggestions to take advantage of this trend. And to value the pieces that you , have been using during the quarantine , and some that you may use.




Sophisticated knit sets are one of the most fashion trends. The loungewear clothes we can choose today can provide us with a relaxed and comfy atmosphere as at our homes. We can use it while doing tasks such as shopping , walking our pets , or going for a healty walk. Or even to attend a meeting or to teach. And as these are not pyjamas , but versatile clothing , whoever is on the other side of the camera , won't get suprised by our casual and comfortable look. Excluding formal situations , such  as an interview or an importan meeting with more conventional clients , predictably , people coming across our sight are also adopting the same concept.


To fully embrace this trend in 2021 , we must consider tops and bottoms , colours and textures , combinations , and comfortable shapes. One trend is precisely the combination in tone or texture. The feeling of using a block that interconnects with its texture projects the comfort it gives to th elook. The colour block can extend a smoother , more exuberant colour that we chose for the suitcase or the accessories or just using a more elaborated pump can result extraordinary and fashionable.

As textures define much of comdort , cottons ( organic ) and wools ( cruelty - free ) or natural materials , such as linen , are trends to be used , adapting both as needed , to the colder or warmer season.



Single pieces  , like tunics , dresses , or jumpsuits , will also be on the rise , especially for its functionality. With , just one piece and the look is complete. Super easy , this is a feature for loungewear , it is a practical way to use. In addition , it allows adapting depending on whether the days are hotter or colder because it naturally adds layers. A piece that we have seen being used a lot in the last months are the cardigans , compined with the tops and with pants or a skirt , in a complete set of mesh , they are killing. 





Off note are the tops , short or long , the short ones sometimes very short and the long ones often quite long. Of the most indipensable , will be the basics that we wear with almost everything. Prefer tighter tops and blouses or skin bodies. These choices can be used from the high neck to the straps , depending on the intended function. I would say that these solutions , being the basics , are also the ones that can take advantage of , beyond loungewear.




Bottom parts , with regular shape , long , loose and wide , or adjustable elastic waist , is one most recommended trends. In textures , prefer the most versatile. They can be silks ( challenging to find sustainable ones , but we keep trying ) and viscose or similar fabrics and even cotton. Prefer fabrics from natural or recycled sources. And the knits that they do so well , besides loungewear , are an excellent investment for those who need to buy. I expect it is also possible to get some pieces from the closet that we , have not remembered before , but combined with a more elaborate element , it will give an original and functional loungewear look.








Good news for those who usally look for these pieces , and do not know where to find them , is that there are several brands with sustainable offers that already create their private loungewear collection. Helps and does good to the planet! That's why i love being here to bring you these ideas my ambition is to help you find the best solutions.

Now , just start combining these ideas. Stay Safe !

A big hug.


Maria xx


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